leavehimbreathlessHello fellow fitblrs! :) I am focusing on me, myself & I. Getting fitter, faster,leaner, stronger and loving myself every step of the way. ♥ I have an amazing boyfriend who makes me incredibly happy. I love you Luke ♥ We live 6 hours away from eachother but have made it work for over a year now :) Days till i get to see him = 19. Please ask me anything/if you want info on the workouts i do let me know :) to date i have lost 10kgs and gained lean muscle! I am now super into Crossfit and HITT training :) xx tumblr hit counter
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SW=72kg CW=64kg GW=58♥


Hurts every time! haha x x x

Hurts every time! haha x x x

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